Sending individuals for fellowships to renowned institutes abroad, will also further this cause. CURE Foundation is networked with specialists in reputed hospitals all over the world for the most updated treatment to impoverished patients for whom this would otherwise be a distant dream. CURE Foundation can pool the world’s best technologies, techniques and clinicians’ expertise to serve this cause.

Cancer is a disease, which afflicts the rich and poor alike. While the rich have the resources to fight it, the poor, very often, due to ignorance, poverty and delayed treatment resort to inadequate and substandard care. This simply compromises their chances of cure. The economically challenged patient will benefit from these subsidised or free treatments. The treatment will be tailor-made for each patient and ideal for them.

Furthermore, CURE will educate both doctors and patients about symptoms and clinical signs of cancer in order to make the proverbial “nipping in the bud” of cancer a reality. The CURE Foundation network includes specialists in reputed hospitals all over the world, allowing impoverished patients access they would not have otherwise attained. The foundation can put together the world’s best technologies, techniques, and experts to serve this cause. CURE promises to convene a multi-modality Tumor Board, in which specialists from all oncologic branches will come together, to ensure that each patient receives unbiased opinions regarding treatment.

Undoubtedly, the future of oncology lies in research, so CURE Foundation will undertake active scientific and clinical research. Because knowledge grows by sharing, CURE Foundation will also promote scientific exchange and the spread of knowledge by organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops. The foundation will endeavour to update the medical fraternity of the latest techniques and provide a comprehensive databank to help doctors dispel the ambiguity inherent in diagnosing and treating cancer.