CURE foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people manage cancer

CURE Foundation Objectives

Cancer Awareness & Screening

Cancer Research and Education

Subsidised / free treatment for the needy patients

Rehabilitation Programs

Cancer Awareness & Screening

Cancer shows no discrimination – race, colour, caste, creed, or gender. It afflicts the rich and poor alike. A befitting response would be for humans to dissolve their differences and come together to fight cancer regardless! Such awareness along with togetherness is the essence of this foundation. 

CURE Foundation will play pivotal role in patient and doctor education regarding symptoms and clinical signs of cancer, through extensive screening events. The proverbial “Nipping in the bud” may then become commonplace.

Cancer Research and Education

The future of cancer and its science of oncology lies in research. CURE Foundation will undertake active research in basic sciences and in clinical fields. Knowledge grows by sharing. CURE Foundation will promote scientific exchange and spread of knowledge by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops etc. The foundation will endeavor to update the medical fraternity of the latest techniques and provide a comprehensive databank to help doctors dispel the ambiguity inherent in diagnosing and treating cancer.


Sponsoring young doctors for fellowships to renowned global institutes abroad will also further this cause. CURE Foundation frequently accesses its pool of world’s best technologies, procedures, and clinicians’ expertise to serve their goals.

Subsidized Treatment for Less Privileged

Cancer does not discriminate in its intensity but the privileged at least have the access and resources to manage it. The not so privileged, very often, due to ignorance, poverty, and delayed treatment resort to inadequate and substandard care. This simply compromises their chances of cure and recovery. The economically challenged patient will benefit from these subsidized or free treatments. The treatment will be tailor-made for each patient and their situation. 

The CURE Foundation network includes specialists in reputed hospitals all over the world, allowing their benefactors access they would not have otherwise attained. The foundation consults with a multi-modality Tumor Board, in which superspecialists come together to ensure that each patient receives unbiased advice regarding treatment.

Rehabilitation Programs

A win over cancer is truly achieved when the afflicted person returns to their earlier quality of life. This part is mostly overlooked because medical science does not provide extensive guidance in the area. Hence, it requires organizations like CURE Foundation to design and execute effective rehabilitation programs which combine a sophisticated mix of physical, spiritual, and mental health enhancement techniques. Volunteers are most solicited in this area.

CURE Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the inequalities in access to cancer care by providing subsidized or free treatment to patients from underprivileged communities. The foundation also attempts to increase public awareness of cancer, its prevention, symptoms, early detection, treatment, and rehabilitation.


We count on you to join in this battle. The foundation is covered under Sec. 80G and hence your contribution is exempt from tax. Please contribute to the foundation and lay the path to world class cancer care for the less privileged. The foundation seeks patronage of noble people who can help sustain and support this war against cancer.

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